Realbuzz Group is an industry-leading provider of digital solutions in the active endurance sector, including race registration software, virtual events, charity fundraising and online training platforms.

Our mission is to enable everyone to live happier and healthier lives, no matter what their background or ability level.

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Our technology powers some of the biggest virtual events worldwide, including the Honolulu Marathon Virtual Beachfest, the Bath Half Virtual Series, and Get Britain Running.

Virtual events are revolutionalising the world of active events, opening the industry to a whole new audience. Our work at the forefront of this emerging market has helped our partners protect their events, maintain fundraising revenues, and attract new entrants. is our flagship online running and fitness community. It offers users the training tips, expert advice and support they need to reach their goals through guided challenges. No two fitness journeys are the same, and gives users the platform to share their unique story by recording the highs and lows of their training, fundraising and racing.

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django CMS Association

django CMS Association

We have been utilising the power and flexibility of django CMS since 2014 to provide websites that empower us to deliver on the creative vision of our clients.

This content management system is underpinned by the battle-hardened django web framework to provide a platform with all the features we need to create secure applications our partners can rely on.

In recent years our team have taken an active role in the django CMS community, so we're proud to say that in 2022 we became a gold member of the django CMS Association!

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The online landscape is constantly evolving, and so are we. If you are passionate, creative and determined, you’ll fit in well at Realbuzz Group.

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